OC_Register_s_Everyday_Hero_Stu_Millheiser_talks_about_ALS___The_Orange_County_RegisterStu was born in the rough-and-tumble areas of Bensonhurst area in Brooklyn, New York. He worked hard in life and started his own pharmaceutical company, which he sold in the early 2000’s. Facing a boring life of playing golf and other retirement assorted activities, Stuart Millheiser decided he would dedicate his time and efforts into helping people with ALS. His daughter had a schoolmate whose father had ALS. The girl would come to school every day, exhausted from having to take care of her rapidly deteriorating father, as well as keep up with her studies. The family was getting evicted from their house and the bills were piling up. Stuart’s daughter begged him to see if there was anything he could do….Stuart looked into it and he went ahead and not only paid off their mortgage, but brought in some help to alleviate the day-to-day grind of the daughter so that she could focus on her school work.


That is when Mr. Millheiser started ALS Guardian Angels, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. ALS Guardian Angels is different from most charities in the sense that 100% of the monies donated go towards helping actual people with ALS. Stuart does not take a salary, and he funds the entire organization from money donated, and his own bank account. While the other ALS charities search for a cure, Stuart is in the proverbial trenches on a daily basis, actively helping individuals whom society has either forgotten about or given up on.

Most of the recipients of the money cannot afford such simple things as eye glasses, or money for their expensive prescriptions. Stuart wakes up every morning and reads countless emails from people in desperate need of money or care. Their insurance won’t cover the necessities that they need to live and help themselves. From locally in San Juan Capistrano, to all the way across the world, Stuart does not discriminate who he helps. He tries to help as many people as he can.


OC_Register_s_Everyday_Hero_Stu_Millheiser_talks_about_ALS___The_Orange_County_Register 2Recently, he was recognized for his work as an “Everyday Hero” by the Orange County Register. Stuart is an assuming man, very shy of the media and cameras. We tried to reach out to him for an interview but he was too busy to get back to us. He was quoted as saying that the people with ALS are generally old, they’re not cuddly and nobody wants to take care of them. Stuart said that he felt it was his calling to help these forgotten people in life and attempt to give them some sort of basic care and purpose to their existence. You don’t see many programs on t.v. about ALS, with the exception of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, but even then the media focus was more on people and celebrities dumping buckets of ice on their heads, than it was educating people on the debilitating effects of this disease. Lou Gehrig had it, and that’s the only really famous person (aside from Stephen Hawking who has lived to the ripe old age of 70 with ALS).



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does Stuart do with the money received?
Answer: 100% of ALL donations taken into ALS Guardian Angels is given to the ALS patients. Stuart does not take a salary, and he funds the charity out of his own pocket.

Question: Where is Stuart Millheiser located?
Answer: He is based out of San Juan Capistrano, California.

Question: How do I get in contact with Stuart?
Answer: You can reach him via the email address or phone number listed on

Question: How can I report a fraud or scam to Stuart?

Answer: Simply drop him an email. There are countless snake oil salesmen out there who prey upon innocent people. Stuart is committed to finding these individuals and bringing them to justice.