Online Dating Guide to eHarmony

If you’re new to eHarmony, you probably have a few questions and maybe a couple of reservations about what you’re getting yourself into. First off, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re on the #1 site for finding romance and long lasting relationships (more on that later).

By joining eHarmony, you’re avoiding the ‘meat market’ online dating sites where most people aren’t looking for a relationship (just the opposite). The reason being is that you get what you pay for in life. Even if you used an eharmony coupon to save money on your monthly dating subscription, you’re still miles ahead of the el cheapo online dating sites such as or PlentyOfFish or Tinder. People who are willing to pay good money to be a part of an online dating site usually are more determined to be looking for a quality relationship vs. a quick hook up.

Before you read our tips, watch this video put out by eharmony:

I have compiled a quick guide on how to hit the ground running and start going out on dates after you’ve signed up and taken the personality questionnaire.

1. Dating Profile – You are given an “About Me” section that you can fill out. It is highly advisable to take some time to think about what you want to say. Don’t talk about ex boyfriends or girlfriends, lest people think you have baggage.

Do talk about your hobbies, career (but don’t talk about money), or personal interests. Try to get the other person to understand what your personality is all about.

2. Have REALISTIC expectations – We all have the “ideal” person in our minds that we’d like to date from a looks perspective. The problem is that looks are superficial and fade after a few years.

By judging others based on their looks, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. What if the guy you passed up was your literal soul mate…but you decided against talking to him because he wasn’t big, buff, and super muscular?

Congratulations, you’re back to dating meat heads (should have saved a few bucks and joined if that’s all that you’re after). Ask yourself what is a realistic expectation and what isn’t. Chances are you’ll start to realize that what you thought you wanted isn’t what you really want.

3. How is your self-image? – Do you have a clear and realistic understanding of yourself? Do you see yourself as others see you? If not, then you might be giving off the wrong vibes to others and not even realize it. Take a few to make sure that you’re presenting an accurate representation of yourself to others.

Otherwise you could find your advances getting rejected time and time again. Things like this take time, so it’s best to pay for a 6 or 12 month subscription to eHarmony. It increases your chances of success ten-fold by giving you enough time to get to know yourself, how you’re subconsciously presenting yourself to others, and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

4. Pictures – Too few? No Good! – Have AT LEAST 3-4 pictures of you in your online dating profile. Take the pictures from different angles and make sure they are no more than 6 months old. Think about what would happen if you’re using a 5 year old picture of you on your profile.

You meet someone, you both hit it off, and you agree to meet on a date. You arrive to the coffee shop you agreed to meet at and the other person has an immediate look of disappointment on their face when they see you.

Looks are not everything, but be sure you’re offering an accurate representation of yourself, lest you start off on the wrong foot.

5. Be Careful What You Write – This one is tricky. Not everyone is a master word-smith and what you say on your online dating profile can be easily misinterpreted from what you meant.

For example, never write about your attributes that can be conveyed directly in person. For example, if you list “I’m a funny guy” in your profile, there’s a good chance that only your pet goldfish finds your jokes funny. Let your personality in real life convey your good sense of humor. When people see others bragging or listed attributes that should be conveyed in real life, they tend to think the exact opposite.


Getting back into the dating scene is tough enough, but with online dating you have to be extra careful if you want to find success. Being that you’re using eHarmony is a great first step, but now you need to take the next step by putting in some direct and honest effort into finding the love of your life.